Mary Ann Piette

Mary Ann Piette is a Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Director of the Demand Response Research Center. She is Deputy of the Building Technologies Dept. She has been at LBNL since 1983 and has extensive experience evaluating the performance of energy efficiency and demand response in large facilities. She has authored about 100 papers on energy efficiency and demand response. The Demand Response Research Center was developed to plan, manage, conduct and disseminate DR research for the California Energy Commission. The Center conducts research to link energy efficiency and DR technologies, practices, and strategies. Ms. Piette has a B.S. from UC Berkeley in Physical Science. She has a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and a Licentiate in Building Services Engineering from the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. In 2006 Ms Piette received the Benner Award at the National Conference on Building Commissioning for contributions to making commissioning "business as usual”.