Solar-powered climate-monitoring system launches

A sensor-based wireless climate monitoring and control system that enables farmers to optimise conditions in their greenhouses will launch in California this quarter.

Kodalfa’s system has been deployed by Turkish greenhouse tomato growers since 2005, but the company now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ClimateMinder, its newly incorporated US parent, which is based in Los Angeles. Founder and chief executive Bulut Ersavas remains at the helm.

The move follows a decision by Val Babajov, founder and chairman of investment company Partner 1993, to take a minority stake in the firm in return for cash and the provision of software development services.

Ersavas said: “The American market is looking for flexible technology solutions that either can stand on their own or complement existing greenhouse-control systems to address portability, micro-climates, local practices and backup for primary systems.”


More info available here