Workshop Program

08:45 - 09:00 Welcome notes and Introduction: Antonio Ruzzelli, Dirk Pesch and Alberto Cerpa
09:00 - 10:40 Session I: Occupancy-Driven Prediction and Control
Session Chair: Antonio Ruzzelli
    •    Occupancy-Driven Energy Management for Smart Building Automation, Yuvraj Agarwal (University of California, San Diego), Bharathan Balaji (University of California, San Diego), Rajesh Gupta (University of California, San Diego), Jacob Lyles (University of California, San Diego), Michael Wei (University of California, San Diego), and Thomas Weng (University of California, San Diego)
    •    Occupancy Based Demand Response HVAC Control Strategy, Varick L. Erickson (University of California, Merced) and Alberto E. Cerpa (University of California Merced)
    •    Building-level Occupancy Data to Improve ARIMA-based Electricity Use Forecasts, Guy R. Newsham (National Research Council, Canada) and Benjamin J. Birt (National Research Council, Canada)

10:40 - 11:00 Coffee Break (20 minutes)

11:00 - 12:40 Session II: Appliances for Energy Sensing
Session Chair: Dirk Pesch
    •    Contactless Sensing of Appliance State Transitions Through Variations in Electromagnetic Fields, Anthony Rowe (Carnegie Mellon University), Mario Berges (Carnegie Mellon University), and Raj Rajkumar (Carnegie Mellon University)
    •    Meter Any Wire, Anywhere by Virtualizing the Voltage Channel, Thomas Schmid (University of Michigan), David Culler (University of California, Berkeley), and Prabal Dutta (University of Michigan)
    •    TinyEARS: Spying on House Appliances with Audio Sensor Nodes, Z. Cihan Taysı (Yıldız Technical University), M. Amaç Güvensan (Yıldız Technical University), and Tommaso Melodia (State University of New York at Buffalo)
12:40 - 14:10 Lunch and poster session (1.5 hours)
14:10 - 15:50 Session III: Energy Monitoring and Management
Session Chair: Alberto E. Cerpa
    •    Distributed Wireless Control for Building Energy Management  Alan Marchiori (Colorado School of Mines) and Qi Han (Colorado School of Mines)
    •    Granger Causality Analysis on IP Traffic and Circuit-Level Energy Monitoring  Younghun Kim (University of California, Los Angeles), Rahul Balani (University of California, Los Angeles), Han Zhao (University of California, Los Angeles), and Mani B. Srivastava (University of California, Los Angeles)
    •    NETBem: Business Equipment Energy Monitoring through Network Auditing, Anthony Schoofs (University College, Dublin), Alex Sintoni (University College, Dublin), Antonio G. Ruzelli (University College, Dublin), and Gregory M. P. O’Hare (University College, Dublin)
    •    HBCI: Human-Building-Computer Interaction  Jeff Hsu (University of California, Berkeley), Prashanth Mohan (University of California, Berkeley), Xiaofan Jiang (University of California, Berkeley), Jorge Ortiz (University of California, Berkeley), Sushant Shankar (University of California, Berkeley), Stephen Dawson-Haggerty (University of California, Berkeley), and David Culler (University of California, Berkeley)

15:50 - 16:10 Coffee Break (20 minutes)
16:10 - 17:50 Session IV: S^3: Sensors, Security, and Simulation
Session Chair: Adam Dunkels
    •    Private Memoirs of a Smart Meter  Andrés Molina-Markham (University of Amherst), Prashant Shenoy (University of Amherst), Kevin Fu (University of Amherst), Emmanuel Cecchet (University of Amherst), and David Irvin (University of Amherst)
    •    A Limited-Data Model Of Building Energy Consumption, Andrew Rice (University of Cambridge), Simon Hay (University of Cambridge), and Dan Ryder-Cook (University of Cambridge)
    •    Using Simple Light Sensors to Achieve Smart Daylight Harvesting, Jiakang Lu (University of Virginia), Dagnachew Birru (Philips Research North America), and Kamin Whitehouse (University of Virginia)
    •    Wireless, Collaborative Virtual Sensors for Thermal Comfort, Joern Ploennigs (University of Technology, Dresden), Burkhard Hensel (University of Technology, Dresden), and Klaus Kabitzsch (University of Technology, Dresden)