Demo abstracts should describe both the technology being showcased as well as the user experience of the demo. Submissions must include a separate section for the demo script that specifically describes how users will interact with the demo.

We are particularly interested in contributions related to:

* Increase energy awareness and reduce consumption by leveraging on sensing systems/social networking/mobile phones, novel visualization and other forms of media to convey relevant information to users;

* Systems that can influence building occupant behaviour towards a more parsimonious usage of electricity, gas, heating, water, etc.;

* Monitor and actuate appliances in residential and industrial settings (e.g. data centres, HVAC, etc.)

* Monitor and control of alternative energy sources aiming at an increase of production efficacy;

* Model and simulate heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, water usage and other energy flows in buildings and surrounding spaces through the combination of real data from sensors and popular energy simulation tools such as Energy Plus and TrnSys;

* Create innovative tools to model and visualize energy expenditure and production (from, e.g., solar panels, wind turbines);

* Integrate sensor-based systems to improve grid operation and energy distribution (electricity, gas, water);

* Sensor systems for the identification of appliances in industrial and home environments, which can be used to estimate the energy usage/production model and to predict future demands;

* Emerging communication standards for the collection of data from smart meters and the control of HVAC systems.

Demo abstracts have two page limits and full author information including names, affiliations, and e-mails should be included with each demo submission. The title of the submission should start with "Demo Abstract:".

Demo abstract submission
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Important Dates

* Demo submission deadline: September 1, 2011
* Date of Demo session: November 1, 2011

BuildSys 2011

3rd ACM Workshop On Embedded Sensing

Systems For Energy-Efficiency In Buildings

Seattle, WA, USA

November 1, 2011

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