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The world is increasingly experiencing a strong need for energy consumption reduction and a need for efficient use of scarce natural resources. Official studies report that buildings account for the largest portion of World’s energy expenditure and have the fastest growth rate. Information technology such as cyber-physical systems, wireless sensor networks, embedded control, computational modeling, machine learning, and simulation tools play a key role in enabling energy-saving measures for buildings, its surrounding spaces, and other networks such as smart grid and smart water networks that they connect to. We are interested is a life-cycle perspective across design, construction, and operation of buildings, and in energy consumption in both direct (electricity, gas etc.) and indirect (embedded energy in water) forms.

We are particularly interested in contributions addressing the following areas, but papers addressing other emerging aspects of building energy are welcome:

* Building controls, optimization, and learning
* Sensing technologies and sensor information processing methods
* Measurement, modeling, and visualization of building performance
* Occupancy and occupant behavior modeling
* Information feedback, incentives, and other methods for influencing occupant behavior
* Computationally assisted design of energy-efficient buildings
* Simulation and emulation tools and test-beds
* Smart energy-aware devices and appliances
* Efficient building systems: HVAC, enclosures, lighting, water heating etc.
* Interaction with external networks and systems: electricity, transportation system, water
* Demand-response technologies for smart-meter / smart-grid integration
* Renewable energy integration
* Local energy generation, harvesting, and storage
* Energy considerations across multiple buildings at campus and regional scale
* Energy-water nexus in buildings
* Information technology standards for building energy management
* Security, privacy, and robustness issues

We solicit three types of submissions:

* Regular papers for oral presentation (8-pages)
* Short papers for poster presentation with a brief oral presentation (3-pages)
* Demo abstracts (2-page)

Challenges and Visions Awards
In order to encourage researchers to present truly visionary concepts on the interface between information technology and sustainability, BuildSys 2012 in cooperation with the Computing Community Consortium is offering awards to three regular papers that will be presented in a special Challenges and Visions session: first prize $1000, second prize $750, and third prize $500, to be awarded as honorary prizes.

All full-length regular and short paper submissions are eligible for the Challenges and Visions award. To be a strong candidate for the award, a paper must bring out novel ideas or challenge existing assumptions in addition to presenting research results.

Important Dates

* Paper/Poster submission deadline: Monday, July 30, 2012 Monday, August 6, 2012 11:59PM PDT

* Demo submission deadline: Monday, September 3, 2012

* Notification of acceptance: Friday, September 14, 2012

* Camera Ready Due: Monday, October 1, 2012

* Workshop and Demo Session date: November 6, 2012

Please see the Submission page for more details

BuildSys 2012

4th ACM Workshop On Embedded Systems

For Energy-Efficiency In Buildings

Toronto, Canada

November 6, 2012

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