BuildSys welcomes support from companies and organizations interesting in reaching out to students and researchers working at the exciting nexus of information technology and building science. Supporting BuildSys provides a great opportunity to increase visibility and product awareness, as well as reach out to potential interns, employees, and collaborators.

Supporters will be acknowledged at the conference opening remark, and the names and logos will appear on BuildSys 2014 website and proceedings. In addition, each supporter will receive a table at the demo/poster session, if they wish, to showcase their products.

Sponsorships can be targeted towards one or more awards (Best Demo, Best Paper,  Best Poster, and Best Talk), and events (conference reception), and additional opportunities can be discussed  on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Bronze Level: $2K – basic sponsorship (includes 1 registration and a booth at the poster/demo session)
  2. Silver Level: $3K – sponsorship of an award (includes 2 registrations and a booth at the poster/demo session)
  3. Gold Level: $5K – sponsorship of two awards or the conference reception (includes 3 registrations and a booth at the poster/demo session)

Industrial Sponsors [Silver Level]:

Building Robotics

Industrial Sponsors [Other]: