The 6th ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings, Cities, and Transportation (BuildSys 2019) will host a highly selective, single-track forum for research on systems issues covering all aspects of the buildings, cities, and transportation systems, broadly defined.

Advances in the effective integration of networked sensors, building controls, and physical infrastructure are transforming our society, allowing the formation of unprecedented built environments and interlocking physical, social, cyber challenges. Moreover, built environments, including buildings and critical urban infrastructure, account for over half of society's energy consumption and are the mainstay of our nation's economy, security and health. As a result, there is a broad recognition that systems optimizing explicitly for the built environment are particularly important in improving our society, and represent the foundation for emerging "smart cities".

BuildSys is an ideal venue for researchers and practitioners working to develop and optimize such smart infrastructure systems that are driven by networked sensing, computing, and control functions.

SenSys 2019 and BuildSys 2019 are colocated in New York!

Best Paper Award:

Gnu-RL: A Precocial Reinforcement Learning Solution for Building HVAC Control Using a Differentiable MPC Policy
Bingqing Chen (Carnegie Mellon University); Zicheng Cai (Dell Technologies); Mario Berges (Carnegie Mellon University)

Best Paper Runner-Up Awards:

Data-Driven Energy and Population Estimation for Real-Time City-Wide Energy Footprinting
Peter Wei, Xiaofan Jiang (Columbia University)

One Size Does Not Fit All: Multi-Scale, Cascaded RNNs for Radar Classification
Dhrubojyoti Roy, Sangeeta Srivastava (The Ohio State University); Aditya Kusupati (University of Washington, Microsoft Research India); Pranshu Jain (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi); Manik Varma (Microsoft Research India, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi); Anish Arora (The Ohio State University)

Best Demo Award:

Autonomous Inventory Monitoring through Multi-Modal Sensing (AIM3S) for Cashier-Less Stores
Carlos Ruiz (Carnegie Mellon University), Joao Falcao (Carnegie Mellon University), Shijia Pan (University of California Merced), Hae Young Noh (Carnegie Mellon University), Pei Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University)

Best Demo Runner-Up Awards:

Colloidal Luminaries for Architectural Lighting
Nina Lutz, V. Michael Bove (MIT Media Lab)

No Time to Waste, with SWAM!
S├ębastien Faye (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)), Foued Melakessou (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)), Prune Gautier (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)), Djamel Khadraoui (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST))

Best Poster Award:

Monitoring Electric Grid Reliability Using Satellite Data
Zeal Shah (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Jay Taneja (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Best Poster Runner-Up Awards:

Measuring Routine Variability of Daily Activities with Image Complexity Metrics
Bogyeong Lee (Texas A&M University), Changbum Ryan Ahn (Texas A&M University), Prakhar Mohan (Texas A&M University), Theodora Chaspari (Texas A&M University), Hyun-Soo Lee (Seoul National University)

Reduced state space and cost function in reinforcement learning for demand response control of multiple EV charging stations
Manu Lahariya (Ghent University), Nasrin Sadeghianpourhamami (Ghent University), Chris Develder (Ghent University)

Important Dates

Regular Papers

  • Abstract Registration:
    June 15 (Saturday), 2019, 23:59 AOE
  • Paper Submission: June 22, 2019, AOE
    June 29 (Saturday), 2019, 23:59 AOE
    (No further extension will be granted)
  • Paper Notification:
    August 1st (Thursday), 2019, 23:59 AOE
  • Camera-ready Submission:
    September 20 (Friday), 2019, 23:59 AoE


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