HOW TO ATTEND ACM SenSys 2020 / BuildSys 2020


1. Welcome!

Welcome to the first ever virtual SenSys/BuildSys! It is really unfortunate we don’t get to meet physically in Yokohama, one of the first ports open to international exchanges in the Edo period. It would have been appropriate and nostalgic at the same time. Our sincere sympathy and prayers to all of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as well. It must have been difficult. Hope it will turn sweet for you, just as we see how the hardship brings out the best in the community. We hope to see you soon virtually!

Polly Huang and Jin Nakazawa (SenSys’20 General Co-chairs)

Alberto Cerpa (BuildSys ’20 General Chair)


2. Registration

2.1 Web Registration

To join the conference, you need to be registered to the conference. Please go to the following web page for FREE registration. Note that the registration is unified among two conferences. Thus, you will reach the same registration page regardless of the site you go.



2.2 You’ll be invited to the conference Slack

Our basecamp in this conference is a dedicated Slack ( https://sensys20-buildsys20.slack.com/ ). After you do the web registration, you will get an invitation to our conference Slack either….

  • via email from Slack titled “(.....) has invited you to work with them in Slack” from feedback@slack.com (around November 13, or maybe later).
  • or, via a secret URL included in email from the conference registration system (ACM SenSys/BuildSys 2020 Registration Desk <sensys2020@gakkai-web.net> ) (after November 13).


3. Conference Program

3.1 Programs are already published

Let’s check the whole conference program! The program of the conferences, including the opening, keynotes, main paper sessions, poster/demo sessions, workshops, joint PhD Forum and many other exciting contents, are already published to the public on the following URL.



3.2 Yay! All the talks will be presented *TWICE*! 

We saw the online conference as an opportunity for new possibilities. This time we have created an innovative and unique technical program of SenSys2020 / BuildSys2020 in which every presentation (of the main conferences) will be held TWICE. We have made it easy for you to participate, no matter what time zone on earth you are in.


  • The 1st run starts at 8:00(Tokyo)
    = 7:00(Beijing) = 4:30(New Delhi) = 0:00(CET)
    = 18:00(EST, on the day before) = 15:00(PST, on the day before).
  • The 2nd run starts at 22:00(Tokyo)
    = 21:00(Beijing) = 18:30(New Delhi) = 14:00(CET)
    = 8:00(EST) = 5:00(PST)


4. SLACK and ZOOM: Need the latest version!

4.1 Slack, our home

Our basecamp in this conference is a dedicated Slack at ( https://sensys20-buildsys20.slack.com/ ). 

On the slack there are some important channels, such as follows.


4.2 You need Zoom version 5.3 above

Please install/update your Zoom to version 5.3 or above, or “the latest version”. At SenSys2020 / BuildSys2020 conferences, we will hold poster/demo sessions by using Zoom’s break-out sessions. In order to “walk around” the multiple presentations, you need to use newer versions (5.3 or above) of Zoom client applications. 

5. How to attend the workshops






  • Open Slack channel #w03-data and find the Zoom URL.





  • Open Slack channel #w05-plas and find the Zoom URL.





  • Open Slack channel #w08-nilm and find the Zoom URL.

  • Open Slack channel #w09-dfhs and find the Zoom URL.

  • Open Slack channel #w10-rlem and find the Zoom URL.



6. How to attend the main conference sessions

  • Open the Slack channel:
    Each session and each paper of the main conference has a dedicated channel on the conference Slack, such as the following. ( By default, when your Slack account is created, you automatically join all of those channels. So, you should be able to see them in the channel list. )

    • Or, from the conference program web page ( SenSys2020 / BuildSys2020 ) click a Slack channel hyperlink for each session.

  • Open the Zoom URL:
    You can find a Zoom URL on each Slack channel, just below the channel name. (See below).

How to ask questions:

  • Use of Slack channels are recommended.
    Each paper has a dedicated Slack channel, such as “s1-paper1” for Session 1 Paper 1.
  • During the sessions, some questions will be picked up by the presenters and answered on the Zoom session, however, the authors are encouraged to answer all questions on the Slack during the whole conference period, even after their own presentation timings.

7. Questions / comments / feedback

Ask questions on Slack #a02-Ask-organizers channel.

Zoom Virtual Background Images

You can feel free to use these virtual background images for your zoom participation.